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Dr. James R Patch

Dr. Patch, a qualified physician and dental surgeon, has undertaken the necessary sub-specialty training to enable him to help diagnose and treat OSA in conjunction with the sleep specialist doctors and the respiratory therapists at the sleep lab in Royal Inland Hospital. He has taken the necessary courses to qualify as a "Sleep Dentist" and licensed to fabricate and titrate mandibular repositioning devices for the treatment of OSA.

He has trained with Dr. Wayne Halstrom of the Vancouver Institute of Sleep Medicine, and is qualified to fabricate the 'Silencer', a custom fitted oral sleep appliance.

Dr. Patch obtained a Bachelor of Science at the University of Victoria in biology and psychology in 1969. He completed his Doctorate of Dental Medicine at UBC in 1974, and his Doctorate of Medicine Degree at UBC in 1977. He completed an internship at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina Saskatchewan in 1978, and came to Kamloops the same year with his family to commence practice as a family physician and part time dental surgeon. He has been on medical staff at the Royal Inland Hospital in the department of family practice and as a dental surgeon in the department of dentistry since 1978. He is also on surgical staff at the Kamloops Surgery Center. After 20 years of family medicine, Dr. Patch restricted his practice to consultation in dental medicine, dental surgery, and sleep medicine.

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